International Transaction fee on Australian product?

Hi sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find any topics on it.
Just a quick query as to why if I am an Australian Business residing and operating in Australia, the Invoice I recieved from Manager is for $29.00 USD and I am charged with an International transaction fee for a product ie cloud edition that I purchased from an Australian company (Manager) that has their address as an Australian one.
To sum up I thought I was paying for a product from Australia and should not have to pay the international tranasction fee that the bank has charged me.

It’s probably best to ask your bank about this. I don’t think the surcharge should apply too. Westpac has recently refunded $20m in foreign transaction fees to their clients.

We have had the same problem. I spoke to my bank and they advised that the fee was applied as the transaction is made in US dollars. Why is manager charging US dollars when it is an Australian company?

We have one price for everyone. Keep in mind, in case of Australian customers, we quote the price as GST-inclusive which means if you are in Australia paying with Australian card, you will receive Tax Invoice which entitles you to claim 10% back in GST. That should easily cover for the international transaction fee.