Internal money transfers


There is Inter account transfer feature in Manager. We use it daily because of multiple accounts within companies.

There a limitation currently with this feature and I will explain. We import transactions (qif) from e-banking app. Transactions between accounts always show up as +x amount on one bank account and -x on the other, when transferring between accounts. Once imported, we have to delete these transactions, and then enter Inter account transfer entry manually because there is no way to set these transactions as such once imported.

please read the guide Post inter account transfers from imported bank statements | Manager

I just did, but there are two problems with this method:

  1. All of those transactions will be calculated towards company turnover
  2. You can’t mix currencies. We often transfer from USD to EUR accounts, and vice versa. While doing so, Manager is “smart” to also calculate exchange rate for the day and use it for other transactions.

@cavlovic I am a little bit confused by your previous post. You need to provide more information so other users could follow.

That’s not how it’s supposed to work. You should provide some screenshots to illustrate your problem.

Why can’t you? There’s going to be two transactions, each transaction will have 1 bank account and that’s going to set the currency of the transaction.

Manager doesn’t do that for a valid reason. Actual rates can differ substantially throughout the day, depending on exchange direction or depending on the amount exchanged. It makes no sense for manager to apply arbitrary rates based on previously entered transactions.

Also the actual rates cannot be used for other types of transactions for tax purposes. That’s why you need to enter your standard exchange rates in the Settings.

I guess you meant that the clearing account method leaves the exchange differences in the clearing account, is that right?

Also, there’s already an idea for converting two transactions into a transfer.

I guess that should solve the exchange differences problems. If so, you can vote for it.

For some reason voting was removed a while ago :question: :question:

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I guess I wasn’t paying attention then.