Inter Account Transfers with multiple Currencies


I’m following this method: Post inter account transfers from imported bank statements | Manager with two accounts in different currencies. I can’t make it work, my clearing account doesn’t end up with a zero balance :roll_eyes:

Could someone confirm this is not possible? Or provide any ideas as to how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

It won’t work, because all transactions in your clearing account will be interpreted as being in your base currency. At least one of your bank accounts will be in a foreign currency. You will need to delete the transfer transactions from both imported statements and enter an inter account transfer manually, where different currencies can be accommodated.

Alternatively, you can just create a Journal Entry to write-off the balance from your clearing account to exchange difference P&L account which should be equal to the difference between the amount transferred measured at standard exchange rates set in Manager vs actual bank rates.

In reality this should present you with two complications:

  1. How to separate exchange transactions from single currency transactions → The solution is to create a separate clearing account for exchange transactions.

  2. After updating exchange rates, previously written-off differences could reappear → The solution is to only make the Journal Entry after exchange rates for the period are updated.

Your choice of the first method provided by @Tut or this method should be based on your own cost-benefit assessment and it boils down to how much value you place on either of the following:

  • Automatic bank import


  • Automatic exchange difference processing.

But both methods would yield the same end results.

Hello @Tut and @Ealfardan, thank you both!

I believe @Tut’s idea will be more practical in our case, but it is really interesting to see @Ealfardan’s solution.

This will be solved when this feature request is implemented:

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