Inter account Transfer

Good Day

When importing the bank statement it does not give you the option to allocate the amount to the the other accounts.

One has to do a manual inter account transaction and delete the transaction in the imported File.
Is there an easier way of doing this? Or am i missing a step.


This guide about setting up a clearing account may be what you are looking for; Post inter account transfers from imported bank statements | Manager.


  1. Manager would allow you to do a bank import and allocate a payment or receipt to another bank account. (Even better would be to add an inter account transfer entry, populating the amount, accounts, and known dates from the import, leaving unknown dates pending.)

  2. In the second / referenced bank account, that would result in the entry of a transaction before doing a bank import in the second bank account

  3. To support that properly Manager would need to provide support for mixing manual entry and bank import transactions. How to do that was discussed in Bank imports and transfers - #58 by Patch

Unfortunately Manager does not have the ability to mix manual imports and bank imports, so really doesn’t support inter account transfers.

Perhaps if full support is too difficult to implement then; can we please have a “Copy/Move to… inter account transfer” option on Payment & Receipts.