Insufficient inventory warning

Thank you for your quick answer! :slight_smile: I found a solution—one more question. I’m a beginner so don’t take me for granted. When I make an invoice to a customer of some goods, when I create an invoice for a customer of some goods, for example, I have 5 pieces of a product in stock in the warehouse and the customer wants 7 pieces and I create an invoice for 7 pieces, is there a way for the software to warn me that I am missing 2 pcs.
I tried that and then when I go to the product status I get that the status is -2


That negative number is the only current warning. But your desire is already in the ideas category.

This is already in Ideas and there are numerous posts about the same subject.

aaah,… i need this feature too,…
i hope there is another option for Cant make Transaction if item qty is not enough or 0 (zero)