Input of Fixed Asset acquisition cost - Foreign Currency

Hello I am sure some can point me in the right direction here. The company purchased an Asset from overseas and it has been delivered and paid for in AU$. Our Base currency is NZ$.
The purchase Invoice was raised for the AU Company in AU$. In the purchase invoice the pre created fixed asset was assigned and the amount settled. The Purchase Invoice was paid with an NZ$ Credit Card and settled by entering the appropriate NZ$ in the field provided on the Purchase Invoice (Note the purchase invoice also shows the AU$ value - perfect).

All good so far

But Now when I look at the Fix Asset under “Fixed Assets” the Acquisition cost shows in NZ$ but is NZ$0.00 and if I drill down on Acquisition cost … which now displays AU$ and that is also A$0.00.

If I click on the Acquisition cost view button of the Fixed asset in question it shows the correct fully paid purchase invoice with the correct fixed asset assigned.

How do I get the acquisition cost to appear in the fixed asset record? If everything is in NZ$ there is no problem with the above.

Guys it is solved - What I had done in error was select GST on imports for the AU Purchase Invoice. Removing this allowed the acquisition cost to propagate through to the Fixed Asset in NZ$ as well. So this is a good outcome.