Incorrect value in words


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And As @sharpdrivetek told, There is only one GST which is divided between the state and centre. So it appears to you as GST on GST. If GST is 12%, during intra-state sale, state takes 6% center takes 6% and in case of inter-state sale the whole 12% goes to the centre. We just have to show this separately on the invoice. So Manager Team will only can help on this type of template making, which can solve this Issue. And as i told earlier, we can reduce the 15 Columns into only 10 columns … As the Picture bellow.


Please note that we cannot reduce the columns. The image does not show the unit column separately and the tax rates. It is important to show the tax rates because not all items sold on a single invoice fall under the same tax slab. Also, it will cause errors while filing for tax returns later.


Please check image carefully, It display tax rates … so by this method we can reduce columns.


The latest version (17.6.61) contains new filter spell_out_rupees

So you can do:

{{ total.number | spell_out_rupees }}

I might actually remove this filter and inject this as a custom field if currency is set to Rupees. This is because if this must be shown (legal requirement), all users with Rupees would get this as default without using custom template.

For now it’s just a filter for testing purposes.

India's New GST Invoice Format

Much appreciated @lubos. it works as required.


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Does anyone know spell_out value for another language words, for Serbian
When I put it spell_out they write to me in English

see image :yum:

`<div style="font-size: 12px; padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px">{% for total in table.totals %}{% if total.label == 'Ukupno' %}<b>Slovima:</b> {{ total.number | spell_out }} i 0/100 </b></div>`


you may have to add an additional script for translation along with the above code. i have not tested it personally. you will find the script if you google it.


I first asked for help on Google but I did not have the luck, so I’m looking for help here in the forum.