Incorrect sum in p/l statement

This is an excerpt from a P/L report. It seems to me that the (1) value is not subtracted from the amount. Is this a bug?

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Manager 19.12.19 on Windows 10

What do you get if you set rounding off?

I would imagine the total is correct.
Rounding On just rounds the data on the line and does not try to work out which line any rounding difference, in your case, -1, should be assigned to

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I am no longer at the computer to double check. It seems to me that all the roundings somehow affect the bottom line, reporting a (not really significant) difference of 1 on the total expenses. This is caught by the app that is used for reporting the end of year statement.

Like I said a difference of 1 is not anything important but I spend some time to figure this out today.

There is no difference of 1. From the actual amounts you’ve posted in your 2nd post, it’s clear that all amounts are rounded correctly. Just set the rounding option to Off if you don’t like it.

Question: Shouldn’t the Totals & Sub-totals in the report be calculated using the rounded Account balances?

No. Everything in the program is calculated at full accuracy, then rounded. That is ordinary practice, as it produces more accurate results. Imagine 15 accounts, all just meeting the criterion for rounding up. Adding rounded numbers would produce a total 14 too high.

The probability of that happening is very small @Tut, but if that is ordinary practice I guess we have to accept it.

Taking your example, in my opinion it would be better to present a report at an annual meeting that overstates/understates the profit by $7.50 and is arithmetically correct based on the rounding figures, as it can be very embarrassing at the meeting when someone sees that the figures don’t add up. It then puts everything else in that report into question as to its accuracy.

In that case, don’t use rounding when presenting your results.

If your audience cannot understand how the rounded figures are arrived at, either you have not explained it clearly enough or else they are …

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OK. This thread got a lot bigger :slight_smile:

@Joe91 unfortunately the requested format is rounded numbers and I can’t use decimals. But like I said the difference that I got is not of any significance reporting wise. I was just curious if there could be a bug.

So, I just recalculated the totals of the P/L statement I have and I can confirm that the Total expenses when rounded is 5.833.585, where as if I manually calculate the totals from each group of expenses (also rounded) I get 5.833.586. I don’t understand why exactly this is happening, but nevertheless there it is :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for the feedback.