Importing CSV history into chart of accounts account

I’m evaluating Manager for an alternative to QB desktop. I’ve set up a chart of accounts and have created an account for my bank. When I got to the import tab and select the file I want to import, my bank account doesn’t show up. However, I can create a bank account in the banks and cash equivalent tab and import to that account, but I can’t get that account to show up under the Assets group in the chart of accounts. Am I missing a step here?

What do you mean? There is no “import tab.”

That is how the program works. Have you read the relevant Guides on importing statements and creating bank accounts?

The individual bank account will never show. The control account shows. (You might have several bank accounts assigned to the same control account.)

While that seems logical, that’s not how it is done in Manager.

A “Bank account” in Manager does more than a basic chart of accounts account, so must be identified as such by creating the “Bank account” in the bank account tab. Creating it in settings COA will just create a standard account.

To be fair it can be confusing as Manger uses two techniques to create accounts with special functionality

  1. Created in a specific tab eg Bank accounts, Fixed asset, (supplier, customer, employee)

  2. Create a general COA account then assign a specific function to it eg Tax code account, depreciation account, payslip item account

The guides help explain which is used for each application.

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