Importing Bank Transactions versus Bank Reconciliation


I have been reading the Manager Guides and I think that I now understand what Bank Reconciliation is as I always thought that Bank Reconciliation was about importing and Merging the Online Bank into Manager Bank Account.

The Bank Rules and Find and Recode are only used for Bank Importing is that correct as you are entering data automatically with the import?

Bank Reconciliation is more about creating a report listing the transactions after a specific reconciled date. As such, I would recommend that Bank Reconcilation be called Bank Reconciliation Report so its clear that its a report not an import/merging thing. This would encourage people to use it. I have never used it as I always thought it was about importing transactions from online etc.


Bank Reconciliation and Importing Bank Statements are completely separate functions.

Bank Reconciliation (historically) is about reconciling the Manager’s bank account balance and the Bank’s bank account balance - i.e. that both Manager and the Bank have the same recorded account transactions.

Importing Bank Statements permits (as you put it) “entering data automatically”, this is an alternative to the manual entering of Receive and Spend Money transactions.

Bank Rules relates to the Importing Bank Statements process, whereas Find & Recode is standalone, unrelated to either the Bank Reconciliation or Import Bank Statements.

Whilst the Bank Reconciliation appears to be report, that is just the way that Manager presents the outcome of the Bank Reconciliation process, normally its a lot less formal.


Thank you. That’s a very good way of explaining it.