Import tax

i am very confuse as how would i use 100% pass through for import good from other country.

if you have zero tax on imports, then create a 0% tax code as explained in the guide Create and use tax codes | Manager
give the tax code a suitable name.

i have 0 tax on product while importing but then 6% Import duty + 13 % vat to tax authority.
How would i enter those two.

post a sample calculation to understand better.

This will differ according to jurisdiction but the summary is as follows:

When importing goods in most jurisdictions import duty is included as part of the cost of the goods imported.

With regards to import VAT/ customs VAT there are two possible scenarios as follow:

  1. if your business is not VAT registered you include the import VAT as part of the cost of the
    goods imported.

  2. If you are however registered for VAT you can claim VAT on imported goods from the your relevant tax authority taking into consideration that you meet the requirement as stipulated by the revenue authority. This will result in the import VAT not being part of the cost of the goods imported.

To ensure that you get this correct try consulting with your accountant to ensure correct treatment as per your specific jurisdiction.