Import Bank Statements Ability to Assign as a Transfer rather than payment

Hi Team,

Hopefully you can add the ability to select on imported bank statements if it’s a transfer or a payment/receipt.

We have paypal account also, and it’s a pain when importing from the bank to delete the payment, then add a transfer every time, if there was a quick way to do this in matching as a transfer it would be awesome.

You cannot complete a transfer via a bank statement, because you have only half the transfer. Search the forum for the many, many discussions of this fact. In a single imported statement, the portion of the transfer that shows up is either a deposit or a withdrawal. It cannot be both.

Transfers must be handled with a clearing account. See

Have you read the solution proposed in this guide
Post inter account transfers from imported bank statements

Thanks team, I shall set this method up and send through to the book keeper.