If we want to make custom quotation design

If we want to make custom quotation design. Can you charge us and make it done ?
MR. IMAD BURSHAID.pdf (122.1 KB)

No custom design work is performed. What you want would require numerous custom fields and a custom theme. Read the Guides about those. If you do not have the skills to code the theme you desire, hire a local programmer familiar with Liquid.


This is exactly what we are asking for.

To hire experienced programmer to make this work and pay him in return.

I thought you can offer this service

From forum rules FAQ - Manager Forum

As @Tut appears very familiar with the forum rules and I believe lives in a different country, I think your request is very unlikely to succeed.

In addition I believe NG Software does not offer fee for service Manager program modifications.

Is likely to work very well.

The only “commercial” activity I’m aware of is sale of Manager itself such as Cloud Edition | Manager and professional local accounting services listing https://www.manager.io/accountants/


Many thanks. Will. Do