If branch is mapped as division with foreign currency - FC report


If a branch is mapped as division. Branch has a different currency and it is accounted in that currency, is it possible to extract a branch reports in foreign currency:

Bank summary comes in the foreign currency

can the p&l, bs can come in foreign currency using customer report.

You need to explain in more detail. What do you mean by a branch report? And by a customer report?

It seems what you ask throws out the concept of a base currency for a business.

In a way. when company operate outside the base country then the default currency of the branch / division is the local foreign currency. System provide facility to have a bank account with specific currency. bank summary comes in the foreign currency only and not on the base currency. Suggesting to consider extending this to other reports, if not directly through custom reports. pl/bs

A bank summary of a single account affects nothing else. When a foreign currency account appears on the balance sheet, it is converted to base currency. That is necessary so accounts balance. If you really want financial reports for a foreign branch, you should create that branch as a separate business, with a separate base currency.

Businesses that have branches in other countries that carry out transactions will have to legally register such branch in that country for tax purposes. Global agreements exist where tax is charged where it is earned. As such the branch is a business on its own and as @Tut said should be setup in Manager as such.

For business reporting to for example share-holders you can get each of these businesses to create its key statements such as P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash flow.