I Need Help Regarding Indian GST!

I am New To Manager & Looking for Help Regarding GST Tax Invoice Billing…
I Read Guides and Followed it, But i Need better and bit more Detailed Instructions on Creating Tax Invoices. I Mean like if a invoice is generated where does tax amount gets collected and if i have two Tax Codes how to correctly assign them to work correctly. How do i Show it in my Final Accounts Report… Please Help me Out…??

Have you read this guide https://www.manager.io/guides/10388

Make sure you install tax codes from the Localizations page: https://www.manager.io/localizations/in/.

Also, to understand how tax codes work, read Create and use tax codes | Manager.

There is no report with that name. What are you referring to?

Yes, I Have Read Total Guide… But it Only Shows Instructions… But I want more Details regarding perfectly setting it up & like assigning correct account and getting reports on final account.
Is Tax Payable Account enough in Balance Sheet to Get Output!!
or is there any other way??!
Sorry Like I’m Learning Things… Help me out with this!!

I can’t help here as I know nothing about Indian GST workings.

Have you tried using a test company and entering a few sample transactions to see how they work and which reports provide the information you need

Otherwise, someone with more knowledge of Indian GST will surely provide more help

You should create a test company and experiment with it. Then ask specific questions. Asking other forum members to tell you everything to do is not practical.