HTML code in Footers format in pdf/email

i may have grazed on the issue that the appearance of PDF/Email format is different to Save as PDF earlier on separate topic, but never on depth.

my code is


<div style="border: 1px solid #000; width: 300px; height: 50px"></div>

it is showing what i wanted to in Save as PDF mode as shown below.


But not on Email and PDF format. (no line breaks, square is replaced by lines).

I am no expert in HTML coding, if someone can improve the code. Because i find PDF and Email is very useful feature to have.

Last <BR> should be </br>. Mind the slash.

Hi @ries thanks for the reply. Added the slash, but it doesn’t change anything.

What do you mean by this? Do you mean that when the receiver sees the .pdf file, sent by e-mail, the border is not showing?

@ries I’m not sure if you can reproduce my above picture (in my first post).

I am getting different result of the signature footer on the PDF created when i’m using saving as pdf from the print function, compared to the PDF or Email button.

To better explain

if i use this:

i get this:


if i use this:
pdf mail

i get this:

First of all, an apology on my part, the tag <br> does not need to be closed.
So you do NOT need to use </br>.
What is the reason the border is not going well I do not know until now. I also get the same output as you get.

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The only workaround I see now is to click the [Print] button and then choose Save as .pdf in the print menu.
Then I do see the desired border.

Yes however it defeats the purpose of the convenience of clicking Email button to straight away email to recipients without first converting and saving the pdf file to PC.

@yhart, the PDF feature is obsolete and no longer supported. It remains in the program for users for whom it works. If it doesn’t work for you, you have no choice but to print to PDF.

Thanks @Tut for the reply. noted for the PDF feature being obsolete. But since the Email function behaves the same way as PDF, can you say the same about the Email function being obsolete as well?

See this post particularly point 1. Emailing of reports - #16 by lubos

Currently if you email an invoice or payslip without obsolete pdf being enabled, Manager will send a link to your portal rather than the actual document content.

Dear @Patch thanks for the link, i havent seen that post.

What if my portal is behind a closed-network like Zerotier? then the customer would have no access to it.

Which is why I and other have expressed concern about the current approach.
It is also why Lobos solution, to send the document as part of the email content rather than as an attachment is significant.