How to stop payment process if the bank or cash account is zero?

Is there is any way to stop payment process if the bank or cash account is zero to be added like an option in creating the bank & cash accounts?


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No. Manager has no connection with your bank. As for preventing you from making the entry in the first place, there are legitimate reasons for entering transactions involving funds not in your account. You might have automated transfer arrangements, or overdraft protection. Or you might be planning a deposit later in the day.

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I’m not linked to bank account but I need option like warning that my cash/bank account on system is zero so the process will be opt out due to insufficient money

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The system is designed accept transactions that you procession it. If your bank balance is in the negative then the system should reflect the same.

Alternatively you need to ensure your accounts are reconciled timely


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I just want more control on cash, bank, and inventory stock on hand due to many transaction you may have mistake.

but sure I need ensure my accounts are reconciled.

That’s exactly what bank reconciliation procedure is for. :slightly_smiling_face:

The thing is Manager is a popular accounting software and thus is process agnostic. It has to be so in order to be popular.

Some people write post dated cheques, standing order, run overdraft facilities.

The easiest procedure to follow in your case is to initiate transactions from your online banking software and later enter the confirmed transactions into Manager.

An even better solution would be to import those transactions daily. This way Manager will always tie in to your bank – no reconciliation required.

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