How to show the money deducted for absence in payslip?

I am a small business man from Qatar, and a new user of Manager. I have issued a payslip for my employee, and have deduced 100QAR from his total salary of 3000QAR per month, as he have taken an unauthorized leave in between. The problem here is, I am not able to show this deduction in the payroll. While i make an account for unauthorized absence in deductions, it comes directly under liabalities, actually which is not. In this case I am not liable to pay him the deducted amount.

You can create a custom field and do the explanation there with numbers and words.

Or explain it in the detail section that comes with the payhead or payslip item.

State the entitled salary and state the deductible amount and consequently the net salary for him for the month after that deduction.

Deductions are meant if you deduct from employee pay an amount which will be payable to third-party (e.g. payroll tax).

If employee has taken unpaid leave, you can either decrease earnings amount and provide explanation or add new line item to earnings with negative amount.

Or, is it a good practice to deduct the unpaid leave from the salary slip under deductions, and transfer it to the income group using a journal entry?
for example,

Payroll Liabalities Dr 100
Unauthorized absence Cr 100

Does this have any validity and make sense? Thanks in advance for your valuable advise.

Cheers :+1:


You can do it that way too.