How to see sales value of inventory?


I know that we can see the total cost of the inventory, but how can we see the sales value? I haven’t been able to find any reports and the sales column in the inventory doesn’t show a total. If I add sale price to all SKUs, will the inventory page begin listing the total sales value in the bottom, just as total cost?

If you are asking - can you see the “potential” sales value of the Inventory on hand - no.
If you use a fixed % mark up, then that could be applied to the inventory value.

Why would you want to see that ?

I agree with @Brucanna. From an accounting perspective, the potential sales value of inventory is meaningless, because you can fool yourself into believing your inventory can be sold for any amount you want. That doesn’t mean it can or will. So a target margin on top of the current cost value is as meaningful as anything.

@Tut @Brucanna there is actually many reasons for wanting to know this.

First of all, if you run any type of commerce or retail store you already know your prices. There isn’t a fixed margin since MAP and MSRP affect margins on each product differently. If you can see the total sales value of your inventory you will know your effective margin for planning purposes.

There are also costs associated with carrying stock. Hence, lets say you are deciding if you should write off some items or keep them in stock while accumulating warehousing fees. You know the cost of warehousing and cost of inventory, as well as projected sales value based on your current prices. It will then be easy to plan whether or not to write off, to offer a sale, or to keep going as usual.

Another reason to know the sales value of inventory is if you know your average inventory turnover rate. If you have access to your sales value total of inventory you can forecast income based on inventory turnover rate.

Of note is that many inventory management applications offer this and it is useful for forecasting. Since we already have these columns in, is there any way to get the total without manually going through thousands of SKUs?

Edit: Ended up exporting my inventory and doing some quick excel to get the information I was after.

Export to a spreadsheet. SUMPRODUCT the two columns.