How to Search for items without attachment

Is there a way to search for items, say in Payments, for items that don’t have an attachment? It would be great to have all these items together…

at present you cannot do this. although sorting and searching by attachment has been suggested on the forum a few times.

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Thank you @sharpdrivetek Is it then possible to search by account category, say an item in the chart of accounts?

the search function is limited to what data is available on the current screen.
an alternative method would be to drill-down the blue figure against an account from the Summary screen and then search for a transaction type.

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Thank you @sharpdrivetek that is a great workaround.

In the latest version (23.10.9) it’s now possible to sort by attachment.



@Lubos this implementation has issues. Let me list them using a test business with the below Payments tab:

  1. When clicking on the attachment icon it does sort as described, see screenshot.

However, it keeps showing the sort arrow under the icon when subsequently trying to sort on another columns such as accounts, see screenshot. None of the other columns retain these up and down arrows when not sorting on them (=expected behaviour).

  1. You may notice that the test business has the yellow warning that there are uncategorized payments. When clicking on the link it takes me rightly to the page to correct them. However, you can no longer select any or all items to bulk update, see screenshot. This is a bug.

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 04.39.50

Thanks. Fixed in the latest version although the second issue is unrelated. Checkbox is disabled for lines where no bank rule is defined.