How to recover Accounts Payable

@Cattlefarmer, update your software. Version 17.11.26 not only fixes the bug that allowed you to assign a group to itself, it should restore both the group and the accounts it contains to visibility in an Uncategorized heading. Once they are recovered, you need to edit them to unscramble the mess.

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I updated the software, and recovered the in-built accounts payable as described - very impressive work. I admire your dedication to the cause!

You are right that I need to get back to my auditor, though the chart of accounts is largely as he set it up - the issue of accounting correctly for livestock values is proving pretty much beyond both him and myself (I am no accountant as you noticed) as well as the local tax department.

I do notice though that the in-built Accounts payable do not show in the drop down menu listing accounts under Purchase Invoices. Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know what I may be doing wrong here.


Nothing, control accounts never appear in the drop down list.
Because accounting is double entry, when you open a Purchase Invoice screen and select a supplier that creates the Accounts Payable entry - the credit. Selecting an Account from the dropdown list creates the Debit.

Perhaps you would like to start that in a new topic - there are methods to be considered.