How to record the transactions sales best practice

Hello, wondering could someone recommend how to record this
They sent me the purchase order which is basically a requested meal for specific time period sometimes 1week. So after I delivered all the order I then issued the invoice to bill. I tried entering every delivery as single invoice but having trouble matching it to payment as they have different invoice numbers.

Any ideas to how to record this?is it possible for using sales order?

Lets say you deliver 1 meal a day for a week - what you could do is create the Invoice for the Monday delivery, then edit that invoice to add the Tuesday delivery etc , then at the end of the week just send the one invoice.

Then for the payment you only have to match up one invoice.
It sounds as though you would benefit from a “Billable Services” tab which has been suggested here.

Your meal delivers could be liken to a courier delivering parcels for a fee,
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You can use sales orders if you want, but they are not necessary and have no financial impact. They are, in effect, internal documentation that an order has been received. Only the sales invoice in your workflow has a financial impact. And @Brucanna’s suggestion is the simplest way to handle things. Using a sales order would add nothing, but could serve as a reminder during the week that meals have been ordered.

Is there anyway to automatically add so besides copy to sales invoice?
Like adding multiple sales order to one invoice?kinda like handling partial shipment?


No, there is not.

Okay, thanks for the reply

For the sales invoice, If I add a description the item name would not show…can I add another custom column in line with the item list:
Kinda like this:

Item Account(not shown) Description Delivery Date(what I want to add) Quantity price Amount.


No. Custom fields appear separately on forms, at the bottom by default or elsewhere if you build a custom theme. If you want delivery dates on a line-item basis, you will have to enter that information in the Description field.