How to record a website sale

I am new to Manager and have a question which I could not find in the documentation. If I sell a website for a fixed price - how can I record this without immediately creating an invoice (in the event that there are other chargeable activities which will come a bit later)?

When I spend time working on a website and charge my hourly rate, I can record these hours and generate an invoice at a later time. I am looking for something similar - but for my fixed price website.

In the event that I create an invoice for the website, I have not found a way to add the Billable Time I registered to the same invoice (I will therefore always end up with two or more invoices for the same project which is a bit strange).

The only solution I could come up with (which is more a workaround) is to create a Billable Time with 1 hour and the hourly tariff being the price of my fixed-price website.

Can someone please give me some recommendations?

Why would you want to do this? You can create the sales invoice but not send it until you are sure other chargeable activities have completed. You can always edit the invoice before sending it. Remember, Manager is–at its core–an accrual-based accounting system. You record income when it is earned. If selling the website doesn’t earn the money and entitle you to payment, don’t enter it. Instead, perhaps use a sales order. This will show as pending work, but has no impact on financial results until you convert it to an invoice.

Unfortunately, you cannot do this yet. Several of us have asked for the capability. Right now, to clear billable time to an invoice, you have to initiate the sales invoice from the Customers tab.

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It is not strange to send two invoices, one for the fixed price and one for the changeable activities. Frequently, fixed price invoicing and do & charge invoicing are separated - e.g. construction industry. It really depends on the timing difference between the two events, less/greater then a month.

However, your solution is your only option in Manager. Currently you can edit a Billable Invoice with additional Billable/non Billable items, but you “can’t” edit a Sales Invoice with additional Billable items…

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Technically you can. But it’s a two way process.

You need to edit uninvoiced billable time entry to mark it invoiced. Then edit actual invoice and add the billable time entry manually.

Understand your point, if there is un-invoiced billable available. In the example provided, they wanted to sell a product - fixed price website - first and then add “chargeable activities which will come later”. Hence the comment you quoted

Thanks for the suggestions - it looks like i will have to be creative with my invoicing. :slight_smile: