How to raise a credit note for a customer arising from double payment to bank account

Hi there, I’m sure there is a post on this, but I can’t find one where the links work.

My customer has paid an invoice twice. I have recorded the payment, and agreed to hold the second payment as a credit for future invoices.

I’m currently completing my bank rec and would like to record this money received.

Is it possible to raise a Credit Note as I am recording the second payment?
Or do I need to Recieve Money into a suspense account. And then manually raise a credit note? I’m a little concerned that there is no control on the Credit notes if I do this.


The second payment can be allocated to Accounts Receivable then select the customer name without the optional invoice number. This will result in a credit balance in the customers account. When you issue the next invoice, Manager will automatically allocate the credit balance to that invoice. Credit notes are not applicable to accounts overpaid by customers, see guides - Use credit notes for customer returns and refunds.

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Thank you