How to Guides now showing on Server edition


I noticed the How to guides are now showing to limited users on Server Edition even after deactivating it. I am using the latest version.

have you deleted the Guides.json file from your installation directory?

if you had deleted the file previously and recently updated Manager, this would have created a new copy of the file.

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I dont need it to show. Do I delete the Json guide files.

yes, if you do not need them.

Just an afterthought, the guides were not meant to be there if deactivated. I’m not saying its wrong but it isnt proper. The ideal thing was for the guides not to reflect as specified by an administrator.
This was the position prior before now.

Deactivated where and how? In what version of the software?

Understand that mechanisms for publishing, indexing, and accessing the Guides have been changed in the past few months to make support more contextual and intuitive. Depending on your software update history, some of what you experience may be related to that. This was covered in several editions of the newsletter, beginning back in December 2017.

As @sharpdrivetek said, if you don’t want to show guides, just delete Guides.json from installation directory. This applies to both desktop and server editions.