How to get ledger report of an account

I am unable to get a detail statement of any account
For example I want to get the all transactions of a supplier account or any expense account

Drill down by clicking on account balances on the Summary page. In the case of Accounts payable, you will get a list of the suppliers. Click on their balances under Accounts payable column to see debits and credits contributing to the balance.

how can get debit and credit in any account related to capital account

there is a guide for mostly everything Guides | Manager
for capital accounts read this Set up and use capital accounts | Manager

there is nothing in guide that how can we get detail transactions in any sub account of capital accounts

Have a look at the Capital Accounts Summary under Reports. They can be generated for any desired time period. Does that provide what you want? (It isn’t debits and credits, but the sources or destinations of transactions show.) Each figure in the report is clickable so you can see what makes it up.