How to get automatic base currency in journal entry debit & credit column?

I’m new to this software, I gone through the guide but did not find answer.
It’s transaction between currency.Base currency is Euro. So in journal entry there will be 3 currencies
Base currency Euro.
Exchange currency AED and Pounds with manual calculation.
So when we upload exchange currency is there any way to get Base currency automatically?

Your question is not clear. What do you mean by “upload exchange currency?” That phrase does not refer to anything in Manager. What are you trying to do?

Supplier gives in Pounds and Buyer receive in AED, But business is in Base currency Euro.
We have uploaded foriegn currencies with exchange rate in Settings…
After entering exchange rate,when we upload journal entries of customers the base currency value is manual… So is there way to get Base currency value automatically?

If I understand you correctly, you are not receiving money in the proper way. You should use receipts, not journal entries. Read the Guide: Record a receipt | Manager. Journal entries should not be used to record money entering or leaving the business.

Invoices will be in the currency set for the customer. Receipts will be in the curency set for the account where they are received. That is automatic. Exchange rates control only the valuation of balance sheet accounts denominated in foreign currencies. These must be converted to your base currency in order to balance your books.

@Tut just described the conversion process for receipts and payments.

In addition to what my friend @Tut just said, I might add that if your transactions are denominated in foreign currencies, then:

  • Setup your supplier account in Pounds
  • Setup your customer account in AED

If you then enter your transactions in foreign currency, Manager will use this:

…to make all necessary conversions.