How to find Pending Deliverables on Sales Orders

This cannot be possibly true. Of course you can issue an invoice before you ship.

Right now, Manager already maintains an inventory ledger per each customer/item combination. This is to track what has been invoiced and what has been shipped.

If Manager would start maintaining another inventory ledger per each customer/item combination in relation to orders, how exactly would that work? For each delivery note, there would have to be a sales order in the system. I guess, if you enable “sales orders” tab, it’s probably what you want to do anyway?

What I worry about is an increase of complexity for already quite complex inventory management system. It’s not as simple as having some status and open orders. The system needs to handle when customer orders one thing and receives something entirely different (staff mistakes) or customer receives more than ordered. And Manager needs to tell you (or alert you) this is the case.

From programming point of view, I know how to implement this, I just don’t know how to present this to users in user interface so they are not lost in the sea of mini-ledgers.

One argument for tracking orders is that it’s actually needed for the other side when ordering from suppliers. You can’t control when supplier issues you an invoice but you need to track how many items you have ordered and waiting to be delivered so you don’t keep issuing more orders for the same item just because you are out of stock.

So I guess order tracking will have to be added for supplier-side, then it can be copied across customer-side too. The big question is how to present these features in the system in easily digestible way.

Ok, Technically, yes I suppose I could invoice before I ship but I cannot recognize the revenue or book the COGS until shipment (Incoterms/FOB Shipment etc., accounting rules.) Certainly we don’t want to get in ton that complexity, so much cleaner just to invoice for the shipment.

This wouldn’t mean every delivery needed an order or vice versa. But once I book an order with inventory items on it, I’d like to see status of when I shipped it and invoiced it.

It could get complicated though in that I might ship most lines of an order but one gets backordered and shipped later, its kind of a line level status in reality. My Sales order mirrors my customers PO. I fulfilled that order in two shipments due to the back order and I invoice the two shipments separately when/once I ship.

So I follow the complexity, but right now I have to print a hard copy Sales Order and mark it up as I ship and bill to determine the fulfillment status of the order.

Anyway, even putting the line level tracking aside, some simple order status, would be most helpful. Its rather like billable expenses.

A more complete approach would be a bit like billable expenses - Here is the list of 'unshipped order lines for a customer, select those that you want/have in stock to be grouped into your delivery to ship then copy the delivery to an invoice to bill for that shipment. Anyway all just ideas/food for thought for future consideration.


@lubos :+1:

we are talking of a sales industry where there IS SURELY a timegap (weeks to months) between Order and Delivery and ALSO there IS SURELY partial delivery depending on stock and incoming stock.
So it is mandatory to have an order tracking facility for many good reasons

i endorse @lubos and dont suggest to have the item ledger more complicated with addition of per customer/sales order. instead i suggested to handle in sales order level only, please refer what i had expressed earlier in same topic above about how to handle/update the delivery item/qty. i am sure lubos can make it in much better logic.

Now, to present it

[quote=“lubos, post:15, topic:10650”]
The big question is how to present these features in the system in easily digestible way.

when we incorporate and have the order status field, then by search filter we will get the desired selection. ( completed / not completed). The ‘completed’ should disable copy_to delivery/invoice.

As per sales Order items(column), the partial delivered line_items will have line item status as ‘partial’ and ‘open’ for the line_items where no delivery at all.

Then, when the ‘uncompleted’ status order is selected and copied to invoice/delivery, it will bring only those items with ‘open’ and ‘partial’ status.

For Management Reporting and action, There should be a screen or report which will show all pending Orders with is total sales order value, partial deliverd value, invoice value, Not delivered Value.


you are talking about multiple order into 1 delivery/invoice, i think this is not advisable as each order have to fulfill its own order/billing cycle. In most of the cases either with supplier or your customer, their system will NOT allow to enter a combined value, it will not even allow to enter a qty fraction more than the order qty, it will need a change order. so better to forget option of involving multi order into 1 shipment.

hopefully you will get a solution and the task become easy and more professional when @lubus fix the item_status and order_status.

if i understand your problem is in having compliance/complication to shipment documents/terms in case of many DO’s & Invoices to single client in single shipment, then probable solution is export each DO and invoice to excel sheet and make a combined commercial invoice for the shipment.
Seperately you can courier to client all individual DOs’/Invoice for accepting in their system for your payment realization.

As I read my earlier post I can see I could have given that impression of the need for ‘consolidated deliveries’ with lines from multiple orders. Didn’t really mean to suggest that as a requirement. I would be more than very happy with being able to track multiple deliveries for a single order (to accommodate back-ordered lines) and to create invoices for each of those deliveries. Hope that clarifies.

Can you please look into this subject.

Why there is no reply from @lubos ?? :thinking:

He cannot be expected to respond to every topic.

Also, as he has already participated / looked into this conversation, there is not necessarily a need to tag his name - he is likely already receiving notifications about new replies here.

^ That was only 10 days ago in this very topic.

I recommend you give this some more time. 10 days is not much when you’re talking about a sole developer working on an application like this, with so many other bugs and feature requests being attended to.

Absolutely, Perhaps if it isn’t already (I couldn’t see it) Tut can add this to the ‘Ideas’ category which in many ways seems to be a feature request list. Whist I’d love to see this feature, there are many competing ‘wants’ each of which likely has different priorities to different users.

I don’t see any point to that, because the developer has already said “…order tracking will have to be added…” He also commented about the difficulty of coming up with a suitable user interface for the capability. That was only 10 days ago.

I respectively disagree. Sounds to me like lubos agrees that Order status tracking (i.e understanding pending deliverables on Sales Orders) is indeed a need and a valid ‘Idea’. As such it would be nice to see it on the ideas list so that users can see it is already in the queue for consideration/evaluation (making it an idea does not commit either to it being done or to a timeline). I for one certainly look at the ‘Ideas’ list to see what enhancement requests/ideas are out there. Am I missing the point of the ‘Ideas’ category?

Of course there is nothing to stop an idea being rejected or accepted by Lubos, or if he already logged an ‘idea’ for order tracking (I didn’t see it) then I absolutely agree - don’t log a duplicate

Anyway, you call, and if I am misinterpreting the ‘Idea of Ideas’ fair enough.

Hi, 10 days and 20 days gone. (though not really counting on days), can we see some report or solution in this topic. alasdair was right here, it should atleast be added to the list of idea.

The developer has already said he is working on this.

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@lubos if i may suggest, you can add a column each in Customers tab and Inventory Items tab.

  1. the column in inventory items tab would show the total quantity pending in sales orders for each item.

  2. the column in customers tab will show the total quantity ordered by the customer irrespective of number of inventory items, and clicking the figure will give a list of the inventory items and their quantity. (you have already implemented Qty to deliver column in a similar fashion).

the column in the inventory items tab will give the production team an idea what has to be produced.
the column in the customers tab will give the sales team an idea what order is pending against each customer.

@sharpdrivetek yeah, this would be workable. Basically to know quantity on order is total quantity ordered (Sales Orders) - total quantity received (Goods Receipts). So essentially Manager already has the data. It’s just the matter of showing it somewhere.

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Hi Friends, i was away a while from the forum, but the system is in good use everyday.
Nice to see actions on this topic/requirement.
i think everyone will agree that pending deliverable is equally important to “know” on the GR as well the DO (Delivery note). the facility should better suggested be in the Purchase Order for GR pendings and in the Sales Order for the DO pendings.

Please refer to my previous quotes on this topic as i not placing quote here fearing it become big to read.

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You only invoice items after they leave a boundary, in example, it leaves your warehouse, any invoice should reduce your stock, while even if you accept payment in advance you must use proforma invoices

The latest version (21.4.86) is adding ability to track quantity to deliver on sales orders.

When creating sales order, there is new checkbox Track quantity to deliver.


If the checkbox is checked, then you will see new column on sales orders tab Qty to deliver.


Clicking on the figure will reveal list of inventory items and their qty balances.


When you ship goods to customer, issue delivery note. Once delivery note is created, the balances will adjust accordingly.

You want to reach zero for each inventory item for sales order to be completely delivered.

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