How to enter non -operating income and expenses

when i posted non operating income or expenses it is added to the net profit which i don’t want . pls. kindly assist on how to go about it. thanks

You will need to explain about your non-operating income and expenses further so we can understand what you are referring to, however, if those items aren’t related to the business activities, so personal items, then they shouldn’t be posted to the P&L but instead be posted within the BS.

It might be useful to read these Guides:

it is not related to business at all. money borrowed from friends are posted in non operating incomes and when paid back it is posted in non operating expenses. also how would i post into BS as suggested

So when you borrow money it is called a loan, it is not non operating income when it is received nor is it non operating expenses when it is repaid.

Therefore under the BS > Liability section you would create an account called “Loan”, so that when you receive the borrowings you would post to this “Loan” account instead of non operating incomes and when you repay the borrowings you would also post to this “Loan” account instead of non operating expenses.

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I suggest that private loans, which you say are not related to business at all, should not be entered into any account for the business. If you want to track them, create a new business in Manager and use it to track personal loans.