Correct way to input loans

Hello, i just realised when looking at a summary of the business income that it was higher than expected due to the fact that i had inputted 2 loans as receipts into the business bank account. I obviously need that money to show up in the balance of cash at bank but obviously it isnt income in the true sense of the word, so please can someone advise how i should do it?
thanks in advance

The answer will depend on what type of loans are they

Are they loans from directors or owners or of the business?
Are they loans from third parties - investors? banks?
Are they loans to purchase fixed assets?
Are they loans for working capital?

If you search “Loans” in the Guides or Forum you will see a variety of ways of accounting for a loan


When entering the receipt to record proceeds of the loan being deposited into your bank, select the liability account where it will be posted. If you have not created such an account, do that first. Read and

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Thanks to you both, have it sussed now.