How to edit 'Expenses'

I am able to edit every field in Manager except the ‘Expenses’ field as when I try to edit all options are greyed out and inactive. I can’t seem to edit anything. How to add new items too?

Can you post screenshot of what you see? Not sure what section in Manager you are referring to.

This is the window I want to edit and modify… The “Less Expenses”.

I try to click and edit Expenses to add things I need to buy for my business like a new imac and an Ipad etc. But it seems to have fixed pre-sets that I can not change. You have computer equipment there but how does one modify and then edit this expenses list? When I try I get this greyed out window. And why does it now say Accounting fees and no longer Expenses? I’m confused.

The window you are referring to just shows the list of transactions which have been posted to that account. I might add some buttons in future but for now, you have to go to Bank accounts or Expense claims to record those expenses.

For example, to record purchase of iPad from business bank account, go to Bank accounts tab, click bank account you’ve used to pay for the purchase, then click Spend money button. Then fill out all information including the account Computer equipment.

If you want to setup more expense accounts, go to Settings tab, then Chart of accounts.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t be recording what you “need” to buy for your business but what you have already bought.

Thank you Lubos for your reply. Ok I think I got it now. Really great piece of software too by the way!!

Can I ask how this integrates or syncs with my bank accounts or does one have to update and enter every single everything manually?

Bank feeds are not supported, possibly in future. For now, the best way is to download bank statement from internet banking in QIF or OFX format and then import it using Import Bank Statement button under Bank Accounts tab.