How to add new information under summary tab for income

Ive run into a problem of not being able to add any information to my summary tab. I cant figure out how to add any numbers to my income, expense tabs etc. Ive set up the date period fine but dont know how to be able to manage and add any numbers to the summary page.


What do you mean by “add numbers to the summary page”? What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish?

Im looking for how to add information into the expense column, income column etc. Im not able to edit any part of the summary tab. For example Im looking to add $100.00 under advertising, in expenses, but dont know how to put the numbers in

Hope that helps explain the problem!

Which parts of the friendly manual have you already read?

Ive went through and read a few chapters to see if I could find any information about the issue but couldn’t seem to find anything. Did I miss it in there?

Apparently, yes. You don’t “enter numbers in the summary tab.” The summary tab, as its name would suggest, summarises information collected elsewhere.

Please read the fabulous manual for plenty of information on how to create a business, set up accounts, create customers and suppliers, and then, finally, enter expenses and income. Once you do that, you’ll see your expenses appear in the summary.

Can you direct me to the section (sorry for the newbie-ness)

Tough love guidance! Felt like I was talking to my mom for a moment :wink:

Not tough love. Just that it was clear from your question that you weren’t up to speed on how Manager works, and to walk you through what you need to know, you first need to have an idea of what you don’t yet know.

If you read the Guide and get a basic understanding of how a double-accounting program like Manager works and how to set up the various kinds of accounts and make the various kinds of entries, then people here will be more than happy to help you with specific issues you may have.

And to be clear, we don’t work for the great company that makes Manager. We’re just users, like you.

Awesome! Thanks for clarifying, glad the option to forum is available! And thanks for directing me to the manual. Hopefully I can narrow down what my needs are with some further reading.

As you work through the manual you will note that various tabs have to be activated which will enable you to process your data - this processed data will end up appearing on the Summary page.

The available tabs are listed under “Customise”, below the Settings tab. Depending on the tabs activated you may also need to go to the sub-topics under “Settings”.

It’s suggested that initially you set a Test company and experiment with posting entries and making changes. This way you can observe the various functioning without the stress of making mistakes. In the future, every time you want to try something new - do it first in the Test company. Happy Accounting

@Brucanna Thanks, thats exactly the info I was looking for!