How to Add Blank Space in Notes field

for Example i has to leave blank space between “For Covai Computers” and “Authorized Signature” so that the person who incharge of Selling the product can sign the invoice at the given space- is there any option to do that ?

i would also welcome if there is a option to place a blank box instead of space.

I dont edit templates via HTML so please provide me details if possible to do that in Notes Column itself.

Thank you

Try &nbsp with ; straight after the p.
For example if you want 3 blank lines you would type in notes field:
For Covai Computers
Authorised Signature

Make sure to put ; after each p.

Have a look at [16.4.16] Added ability to use HTML markup in fields

It’s now possible to use HTML code in Notes field which gives you more styling flexibility.

it really worked -
Thanks a lot for the info dude

it seems really you people are grooming the software to the at most-
really proud and happy for that but unfortunately i don’t use HTML Templates- so that it seems still useless for me -

Hats-off to you guys for making such a wonderful software-

This is not related to HTML templates. These are HTML snippets you can put into any field.

For example, you can put into Notes field following code:

<b>For Covai Computers</b>
<div style="border: 1px solid #000; width: 200px; height: 40px; margin-bottom: 10px"></div>
Authorised Signature

And it will be presented on your invoice as a box for signature.

Thank you dude.
Let me try it and reply you with a positive feedback.


I am clearly going to have to learn a bit about HTML codes. Any suggestions for a quick simple guide?

What I really would like to know is how to put multi line text into that box, I tried puting text before the closing /div but I don’t know how to get the line breaks. I guess I am asking what’s the code for CRLF.

Should have had a bit more patience… I did a few searches before my last post and got very confused. Straight after the post I tried a CRLF search and hey presto

I’m getting the hang of this html stuff but I’m confused by the PDF output!!

The image below shows the html code I have placed in the custom field called Bank Details on my invoice.
This looks good on the screen view of the invoice.
It also looks good when I Print to the “Microsoft Print to PDF” printer and view with Adobe Acrobat

Now then, if I email the invoice and open the attachment with Adobe Acrobat the font has changed and no longer fits the box!!

OK, I can change the height and width of the box to make it fit the emailed invoice and it looks reasonable in the printed pdf. But why are they different?

Do I need to define the font and size in the HTML?

Do not declare height: 90px. The box will automatically stretch vertically to contain its content.

The change in font size is probably because of the way Manager’s PDF service creates randomly named fonts on the fly (see Save as PDF using Manager's internal PDF driver?). When you open the PDF file later, it cannot find the random font that is specified in the file, so it substitutes a local font that has similar appearance. Unfortunately, in your case, the local font is sized differently, so it throws off your alignment.

In addition to doing what Lubos recommended, you can make sure that you enable the option in your PDF driver to embed all fonts. (Also make sure you disable the option in your PDF viewer to use local fonts.) This will make the resulting file much larger, though, so you may or may not want to do it.

Thanks for your help guys. I have not done any sort of coding for years now and I’m quite enjoying fiddling with HTML.

the output looks like this.
the box didnt appear at all -
did i done any wrong in entering the code you provided ?? please kindly give me the advice to fix it

@ramesh492, maybe you didn’t upgrade to the latest version. This feature has been implemented only a few days ago.

let me upgrade right now and reply with the feedback soon - thank you

Thank you Really - it worked like a charm-
but updating the Manager bought me a new problem as shown below.

The Item Field not Displaying in the Printout Created- Please Give me a Fix for this as early as possible.

Thank you

For missing Item column, refer to: