How to add a purchase invoice with just a tax cost

I am trying to add a line item to an invoice and the amount is purely a GST (tax) charge (based on GST for goods imported on invoice from alternate supplier).
How can I add e.g. $400 to invoice where the $400 is purely a tax component. I do not wish to include the original expense as that has already been accounted as tax free in another expense invoice.
Thanks for any help

Sorry, but your situation is unclear.
Is the Imported Goods being re-sold, therefore requiring GST to be added?
Who paid for the Tax Free Imported Goods Expense Invoice?
Why do you only want the GST added, what else is on that invoice?

Your Tax Free Expense Invoice (the purchase) is a separate document to your Sales Invoice.
What you put on the Sales Invoices relates only to the sale. not the purchase.

Your comment “I do not wish to include the original expense as that has already been accounted as tax free in another expense invoice” needs clarification.

Better details (steps) of the circumstances is required before your GST line item can be answered.

Thanks for your help Brucanna. I am not an accountant and I hope I get my terminology correct.
My step by step explanation.

My situation applies only to two purchase invoices that I have paid and need to record. Sales invoices are not applicable at this point.

Yes, imported goods will be resold and will have taxes charged - on a separate invoice. See explanation below

1st. I import my goods, and I pay my purchase invoice to supplier. This invoice has no taxes applied.
Purchase invoice is added with purchase price and no tax applied (tax free).

2nd. My import agent ships goods in to me and pays a large number of charges on my behalf and send me their invoice (second invoice). This new invoice includes a large number of taxable items including customs entry charges, delivery charges (and many more). These are all listed with their appropriate purchase cost and their relevant tax amount. I understand how to enter all of these charges.
However, this second invoice also charges me one line item that is import tax (purely tax) that is an amount based on the value of my first invoice (in step 1 above).

So my question is, how do I add this tax amount charged on second invoice when the tax value is being applied to purchase on first invoice.

It is like I need to split the entry where the purchase amount is on first invoice and the tax component on the second invoice. I don’t know how to get the tax amount to show on its own and add to my tax expenses.

Is my explanation better? Thanks you again

Ok and thanks for the explanation.
Can you claim back this Import Duty, like a GST?
I am going to assume no, because its been listed as a line item rather than being a component of Invoice’s GST
If no, then it’s just another importing expense like the others on the 2nd invoice, so treat it the same way except it is a GST Free supply

thanks Brucanna,
Yes, I have checked with my accountant and it is a GST payment that I have made and need to claim as a credit
That is why I am trying to find a way off adding it to my purchases somehow and making sure it appears as a Tax amount already paid. Thanks again

It is OK, I have just found an explanation on another post. Thanks for your help

Could you post a link to that post, would be interested to read the process that was used.

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Ill try. Does this work?
If not, search for topic called GST on importation.

GST for Imports