Alter GST amount

I am looking into using Manager but have a question I can’t find an answer too.

Say you have an invoice to pay that has mixure of GST and exempt component involved how can you alter the total to suit?

Next I import part from oversea sometimes they get held up and require GST to be payed on entry. Therefore sometimes I get an invoice from customs for almost all GST and a small processing fee how do you enter it.

Nice Software I think I’ll be using it in the future but requires a job/project section for my application. But have told others about it and they are looking at using it too.

I’ve added two new guides, see:


I am not an accountant… but I’ve got around this issue by doing the following:

Say you have a bill for GST of $600 when importing goods

Generate a purchase invoice with 2 lines:
Line 1 for $6000, with GST
Line 2 for minus $6000 with no GST

Your purchase invoice ends up with a total of $600, all GST.

Then once you pay, match the bank transaction to that purchase invoice.

Maybe it’s dodgy, but it works…