How do you add Business Logo to Forms

Have download free version of Manager. I’ve looked through manager & I can’t figure out how to add a business logo to the forms. Is this only available on the paid version? Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.


Go to Settings tab, then Business Logo.

Thank you!
Quick answer to my question! Love that!!!

I have added my business logo to the free Version of Manager in the setting section. How do I get it to appear on my invoices?

Are you uploaded your logo in business logo under settings tab ??
If yes :
Then may be on edit theme section business logo line of code is not there !!!
Else If:
u upload the screenshot of the issue may be i figure out the exact problem

Thanks very much! What do you need a screenshot of?
This is the code on the theme page

Verify that your logo actually is listed under Settings. Then make sure it isn’t too large. If so, reduce the resolution.

That solved the problem. Thanks all!