How do i get Monthly Purchase report for each Supplier

How do I get Monthly Purchase report for each Supplier ?

That depends on what you want the report to include. Have you looked at the Supplier Statement (Transactions) report? Or Taxable Purchases per Supplier?

Hi There !
All our purchases are Taxable.
Kindly advise.

You have not answered any of my questions.

I need Monthly Purchase Summary report supplier wise same as per Tax report for supplier. Since few Bills are non taxable but want to include in same report.
Kindly advise

you can try from custom report

Can you show me how it can be done ? appreciate !

Read this guide, please.

For generating supplier statements.

For generating Tax Summary

I guess report I am looking for is similar to Tax summary Purchase although as mentioned earlier I wanted some non taxable purchase also included in same report.

For that, i suggest using Tax Exempt Tax Code and applying them to your non-taxable transactions.

Something like this?