How do I deal with cancelling a cheque?

I have a cheque which was written in 2015 however it has been lost and is still outstanding in my pending withdrawals list. How do I cancel the 2015 cheque so I can write a new one in the system? If it was for the same financial year I could figure it I think, but my financial year goes from 1/1 - 31/12.

Since you are only replacing a lost cheque, not canceling one that was never presented to the bank, I would just write the new cheque and edit the transaction in Manager with the new reference number. Enter an explanation in the Notes field. Personally, I would not change the original issue date, but you could if you want to.

Thanks so much, I’ll do that :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to affect your balances in the last year, you could create a “receive money” transaction explaining the transaction and affecting the expense account that you chose in the first transaction, then create a new cheque for the transaction. That way, you don’t affect last year numbers, you can clear the transaction on your account reconciliation and maintain the consecutive number on your cheques without explaining to your accountant what happened and why you change a transaction in the last year.