How Do I Create Subaccounts Within Accounts

Good afternoon everyone. Please I need help on the above topic. Kindly find here my chart of account.

Please, the above is my chart of accounts. Now, within Sundry debtors/Deposits under CURRENT ASSETS; Long-term loans under NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES and Short-term loans under CURRENT LIABILITIES I want to create subaccounts. Please how do I go about it?

Thank you for your swift response.
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Kwabla Pavis-Djre

This is all explained in the guides - you should read the relevant guides and then attempt to organise your accounts as you want

If you still have problems, come back here

But you will be better served by reading the guides, trying different thing (perhaps in a test business) and then coming to the forum. All of the guides have examples to show what can be achieved

Manager is a tool and you will be better off if you learn how to use it as a tool to met your needs than have someone give you their version of how to use it

Read the Guide about special accounts.

Thank you @Joe91 and @Tut . I have managed to resolve the problem.