How do I cancel my subscription?

How do I cancel my cloud subscription?

I tried sending an email to

Waiting on response. If no reply. I will go to my bank and have them sort it out.

Customer service is my problem. There is no number to call when you need help.

In the above thread did you try the suggestion

I suspect it is now called “Manage subscription”

You would likely be trying to get an answer in the middle of the night. NGSoftware is in Australia. There is an email address at the bottom of the customer service screen. Have you emailed?

For that matter, I notice you have never tried obtaining help on the forum, which is the primary source of assistance after the Guides. Do you have specific questions or problems? Or do you just feel the need to have someone to call? If the latter, that is not the support model for Manager, and the program may not be for you as a result.

I have questions about everything. I think I messed up the whole thing.

Employees pay advances
Refund for customers
National insurance contributions for employees and employers

There is no one who will walk you through an entire business setup. But you should start reading the Guides. Build a test company (as suggested in one of the Guides). There is no limit to the number of businesses you can create. You can get rid of them later or keep them around for experimentation.

Thank you

Agree and it is the key to understanding how best to used Manager. A test company with a single transaction is the easiest way of seeing what it does and if it is the easiest way of achieving what you want. At the start it is worth trying several options to find the one you like the best.

I suggest you read the table of contents for the guides. It will give you an overview of what information is readily available. Then look in detail at particular guides which sound relevant to your current problem.

For a cash sale see Record a payment | Manager

  • enter a payment
  • select contact → Customer → the customer
  • Enter line items depending on the details of what happened (physical product returned in new sale condition → probably to sales account to reverse the prior sale, vs returned item not re-saleable → cost of sales account)

For invoice sale see Pay a refund | Manager

This thread may help About cash advance for employees - #3 by Abeiku

I suspect that is done via payslip items, see
Payslips: Set up payslip items | Issue payslips | Set up and manage recurring payslips

By the way, I find setting up a recurrent payslip for each employee valuable. Enter what ever is constant for each employee (items & rates) the add the extra details when each payslip is generated.