How Can I Print Vat Chalan

I am From Bangladesh. VAT Challan is required to be printed in the Prescribed format prescribed by the Govt. Sales Invoice Is Also.

Haw Can i Print This

Please provide a link to the government website where they specify this. Usually governments give examples to indicate the information that must appear on a Tax Invoice but they can not really specify the format itself.

I don’t know if there is a localization for Bangladesh already availabel. Have you searched the forum? If not, you’ll have to create the taxes not present in Manager yet.

The Government examples are at National Board of Revenue (NBR), Bangladesh The forms of VAT Helpline Bangladesh are similar. However, National Board of Revenue (NBR), Bangladesh explains what tax-invoice is a bit vague, see screenshot below. It refers to VAT-6.3 to be considered as the tax invoice but it then adds that a tax invoice shall consist of a series of elements, which is in-line with not prescribing the format but the content as argued here.