Hospitality & Tourism Industry require computation of 10% service charge

Hello @Lubos. I know that this topic might have been addressed on the forum. However, I needed to suggest a work around.
The background is that in the industries such the Tourism and Hospitality, 10% service charge is applied on the total invoice made to the customer. This charge is meant for non management employees under these industries as an incentive. This 10% service charge like in my country is a requirement and is law emberded in the Tourism Act.
Now my thought over this is that this calculation could be done by using the principle that Discount application uses in manger. We could have under editing a check boss for service charge as is with the discount. And this 10% service check box could be linked to a liability account termed service charge payable. This way the 10% charge would be added to the total invoice and the same time posting to the service charge payable account. Note that the rate used could be optional depending the country.
This would help alot.

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This is easy to implement without any changes to the program. On the sales invoice form default, include a line posted to your liability account Service charge payable. Include a description, if desired. But leave the unit price blank. As you complete the sales invoice, the entry screen will show you the total of the invoice. Enter that amount (X) in a formula, 0.1*X, in the the unit price field for the service charge line.

This could even be customized for service charges payable to individual employees using special accounts, which your contra-discount suggestion could not do. To do that, make your Service charges payable account a custom control account made up of special accounts, and define a special account for each employee eligible to receive service charge payments.

Thanks tut…i will try that…