Historical Transactions Affected When Default Sales Account Changed on Items

When a non-inventory item has it’s “When Sold” account changed, any previous transactions that were recorded related to the item will be affected. This should not be the case. For transactions already recorded, the accounts the transactions have been recorded to should remain as is. The change should only apply to transactions going forward, not retrospectively. In addition the “lock date” option does not protect the historical data against this change.

Please can the Manager io team look at this. I would imagine the same occurs when the “When Purchased” option is changed as well as changes to inventory items.


I agree and have classified this as a bug. It is seriously unexpected behavior.

In my opinion, this is not a bug.
Manager does not save Account data on the Sales Invoice.
Only the Inventory Item UUID is saved.

"Lines": [
      "Item": "3528144c-e123-4a25-947a-8baee492fc5b",
      "CustomFields": {},
      "CustomFields2": {
        "Strings": {},
        "Decimals": {},
        "Dates": {},
        "Booleans": {},
        "StringArrays": {}
      "SalesUnitPrice": 1500

Changing the data on an Inventory Item will definitely change all transactions that use that Item.

Accounts or other properties depend on what is specified in the Item inventory when the view/report is requested or created.

If we want to change the Account in the Inventory Item for future transactions, it’s a good idea to deactivate the Inventory Item (Inactive), and create a new Inventory Item with the same Name but a different Account.

@Mabaega is correct. I don’t consider this to be a bug but I definitely want to change the behavior.