Built-in PL Account moves to unassigned when sorting COA section

I created a new test business and added a new account to Income section. I decided I wanted to change the default order of the items so sorted them.

After saving the changes, a built-in account disappeared! I used the History to undo the change and voila, it came back again…

Here is the initial display…

Sorting the items…

After Update - Inventory - Sales has gone!

Listed in the History. When undone, the account returns.

Note: The account does not display on the Summary page either once I sort the items…
Edit: Sorry it was late :slight_smile: Version : 20.8.92

Your illustrations are insufficient to tell what is happening. The drill-down on History that you show does not show changes having been made. (You would see strikeouts and new values.) Please do this:

  1. Restore your chart of accounts to the original condition where the account shows.
  2. Post a screen shot of the Edit screen for your Inventory - sales account.
  3. Re-order the accounts as you want them to be.
  4. Post a screen shot of the History list that includes the last few transactions. Do not drill down to view specific transaction at this point. Based on what the list shows, I will ask for drill down screen shots of specific items.
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Thanks for the reply @Tut. It was late and I missed a few things, sorry. I have updated the title to represent the true result and added the version (20.8.92).
{ "BankAccounts": true, "SalesInvoices": true, "PurchaseInvoices": true, "InventoryItems": true, "Customers": true, "Suppliers": true, "Emails": true, "Employees": true, "Payslips": true, "CapitalAccounts": true, "CashAccounts": true, "InterAccountTransfers": true, "ReceiptsAndPayments": true, "BankReconciliations": true }

As requested: 2. Edit shot of Inventory Sales:

  1. History List after sorting

Based on the fact that I discovered the item at the Bottom of the summary and COA screens under “unassigned” I edited it and it still showed that Income was the assigned group as per first screenshot.

I pressed Update as shown by:

This actually fixed the problem! Inventory - Sales now appears again under Income, however, the sort order is back to how it was originally.

So I started over and changed the sort order again! History shows…

When I drill down on the LAST batch update, I see what one would expect to see in the first batch update…

So in summary, I still think there is an issue causing COA items to suddenly appear under unassigned group. This could also be related to what version the file was originally created in! (in other words, version update issues)

In addition I have found another issue in the “History” for adding localisation (Import — Settings). I’ll start another thread…

Attached is a blank file created with v20.8.92 so you can see for yourself. It’s just been sorted and now has unassigned control accounts.

Hey @Tut do you need any more information from me so you can classify this as a bug? Sure there is a workaround so not a serious bug, but it’s still mis behaving and may affect someone else and waste their time.

I did not look at anything further because you said you were going to start another thread. You did not. I considered your issue in this thread to be resolved. And I am not going to import your file.

The comment about starting another thread was in relation to the issue which we dealt with privately. It was not relevant to This issue.