GST Statements required in Maldives

Could please allow us to take GST Input and GST Output report from the system. Currently this report is not available.

That is one of the hell compliance requirement.

Any update?

@lubos any update?

The information you need to file your tax reports should be available by drilling down through the Tax Summary and Tax Transactions reports. Reports in Manager do not, in general, match exact formats for filing in any given country. Nor does the program prepare tax returns.

Tax Summary and Tax Transactions Reports doesn’t help on the report we are expecting. If the automation doesn’t help filing tax returns then such automation is meaningless and not worth at all.

What I have requested is a simple report which can easily be produced.

You may think it is simple to produce a report matching a format for a single country. It may or may not be. But there are 206 sovereign states in the world. Many countries have dozens of different filing forms for different types of organizations and filing circumstances or events. Keeping up with changing submission formats for every tax filing form for them all would be a monumental task.

As I told you, the information you want is available in Manager, which is an accounting program, not a tax filing program. It may take some work to organize the information into the format your country requires. But the same is true everywhere else in the world, and not just with Manager.

I very clear with the Programme is an accounting programme and multi country reporting requirements. Accounting programmes must come with reporting functions and the requested reporting function can be build by giving option to the users to select some basic information such as vendor ID/TIN. It’s similar with the option to choose competitives for many periods. I am not a programmer or developer so I am not sure of number of hours this will take. Don’t you think this is a way forward to support the users?

Any update?

As I tried to tell you previously, no work is being done on this, as that is not the focus of the program. A new API is being developed, however, that will let you extract information to create such forms.