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Thanks for the explanation, however I have many spreadsheets and all show .00 or .10. or.15 etc. I guess it doesn’t really matter except that visually its not good,
In all other reports in Manager ( P&L, BS) all numbers show OK. (.10 or .15 etc)
So I would have thought that GST would be the same, even for the sake of consistency.


The format specification on the report transformation “Layout” is likely to need correcting

That’s entirely dependent on cell formatting. In most spreadsheet applications, there are dozens of choices, as well as custom possibilities.

Please note, I am not defending Manager’s behavior in this regard. I only investigated and reported what the program does. Personally, I would have expected it to follow the number formatting preference selected by the user. But, as I said, I don’t know what New Zealand’s requirements might be, so there could be a valid reason for it to behave as it does.

The solution may involve a custom dotliquid filter

Thanks for that. But its way beyond my pay grade.


New Zealand GST return layout

Australian GST worksheet layout

Edited New Zealand GST return layout

  • Double click on the cell you want to edit and type or paste the changes
  • Click update at the bottom of the report transformation edit screen
  • View your “GST return”

I suspect Lubos is doing minimal work on the current report transformations while larger changes to the Report transformations system are being implemented.

If you want to know more about Report transformations this may help Localisation: GST/VAT worksheet programming guide

Many thanks for that. All good. Just one thing, will the alterations revert back when a Manager update is done.

Cheers and thanks

That is the disadvantage with report transformation delivery via the program up instead of a separate mechanism.

Clone or Batch update including all components of the report transformation has been discussed on the forum but not implemented yet.

Thanks for your help. Maybe @lubos might take a look at this.


What is the official rounding required when the document is submitted to the NZ government?

Hi.GST is rounded to 2 places as I understand it in NZ

Hi @lubos

Just updated to the latest version, and guess what. This above problem has resurfaced. ( Was all OK for a while) Amounts in GST report showing as $123.4 instead of $123.40. I notice the code as in post 12 above has now reverted to the “old” code with format:‘n2’ missing.
Is there anyway I can insert this code format:‘n2’ so as it stays.
Many thanks

  1. Use Batch update to extract the Layout part of the report transformation.

  2. From the batch update, delete the lines for transformations you do not need to clone.

  3. From the batch update, delete the final “Key” column

  4. Cancel out of the batch update in Manager and do a batch create, using the data file you created above.

  5. Manually copy the script part from the system report transformation to your new report transformation.

  6. Edit your new report transformation to include your updates

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Hi Patch
Many thanks for your reply.
But when it comes to like the above Im completley at sea. I have no idea. I know where to find Batch update etc, but not how it works. Im pretty thick. I will probably just have to wait until the code gets fixed.

Anyway, thanks for your help


@Grandpa just wait for the next version. I fixed that in global repository now.

Hi Lubos

Many thanks

Hi Grandpa in case you purchase over seas products the NZ GST return does not reflect this the amount is supposed to be in box 13 but box 13 is not there.
Just a warning

I have seen you recommend the batch update method for a few things. It’s something I’ve never looked at or experimented with. I think I need to investigate this. :slight_smile:

For report transformation it is just a work around to try and achieve a “Clone” function so actually not the best example.

I suspect report transformations are very much a work in progress at the moment. So would not start there at the now.