GST calculation issues after upgrade to 16.2.47

I recently upgraded to Manager to 16.2.47 from 15.5.81. The 2015/2016 Q1 BAS was perfect and at the time showed no capital purchases (G10) (in Australia BTW) - which was correct

After the upgrade that BAS report now shows that there is a bunch (nearly half of G10+G11) of money spent in capital accounts. I only noticed because when I did my 2015/2016 Q2 BAS I was surprised to find capital purchases where there were none (my accountant was actually the one to point it out) I then compared the Q1 BAS that Manager 16.2.47 was calculating vs the print out from 15.5.81 and noticed the discrepancy. I have made no changes to my chart of accounts and can’t seem to find where this is coming from - can anyone help to shed some light on this?


Is this only affecting G10 and G11 fields? In other words, figures in all other boxes are the same as before?

Everything else is ok

Well, this issue has no material impact on your GST payable so it’s not really a big deal.

Anyway, there are some transactions Manager thinks they are capital purchases. Generally any debit against balance sheet account will be considered a capital purchase (inventory purchases and billable expenses are excluded from this rule)

I’d need to see your accounting file to check why there is something reported under Capital purchases and whether it’s correct.

It may not have materiel impact on the GST payable but it is an issue come end of year financials. Most concerning is 15.5.81 did it correctly but 16.2.47 didn’t - can I roll back? If so how?

You can send me your accounting file and I can examine why some figures show in capital purchases and whether it’s correct. Rolling back is not an option, if there is a bug, it needs to be fixed.