Goods invoiced not yet received

Hello everyone. First i would like to thank the developers for such a great software.
I want to know are there any updates coming to inventory. The issues is we usually purchase from foreign countries. We get the invoice for goods but goods arrive after a month or so. So they start showing up in inventory valuation reports and also disturb the avg cost of that item because customs and freight are paid later when they arrive. A suggestion would be temp accounts on the balance sheet which will show goods invoice not yet received and vice versa. Its like production in progress when there is insufficient qty the bill of material start showing up in production in progress later when qty is sufficient it becomes part of the inventory.

You could delay entering the purchase invoice until the goods arrive?

But what exactly are the terms of purchase?
When does title of the goods change hands - on despatch or on delivery?

You could stop at making a purchase order. You then based on all the payments you have to make once receiving the supplier and customs etc invoices/bills convert the Purchase Order to a Purchase Invoice detailing all the now known costs and make a payment against that Invoice or just directly make a Payment. As long as you do not issue an invoice it will not show up in P&L.

Yes thats what i am doing right now. delaying the purchase invoice.
for the second part: On despatch, Logistics are provided by another company.

The purchase invoice delaying method is working for now. but when more than one orders and invoices are placed and paid then balance sheet will not show the figures correctly. What i suggested is for clarity.

Then you need to enter the purchase invoice when the goods are despatched - otherwise your accounts are not showing a true value.

Do you use Goods Received Notes which would enable you to track goods in transit?
Use goods receipts | Manager

Goods receipts just change quantity on hand. All the reports and inventory costs are still affected because of that purchase which is not received.

If your business actually owns the goods, then it is normal that the average costs are affected by the purchase.

Just because the goods have not been received is irrelevant to your accounts

You could create an inventory location called “Goods in transit”

As i stated earlier the goods are invoiced and payment is made against invoice. Then logistics and customs are paid when goods arrive. So the cost of that batch (currently in transit) is not showing actual cost until it arrives. Before that it dilutes the avg cost and as a result cost of goods sold account is not showing the actual value. Right now i am using workarounds like manual adjustments and delaying purchase invoice but it was just a suggestion that it can be improved.

Please see Add freight-in to inventory item costs | Manager