Capital Equipment without GST

So, I have bought some equipment form O/S clearly no gst. Yet - I assume I will pay that at the dock next quarter.

When I run a bas report the $5591 purchase does not show in the bas calculation sheet G10 (capital Purchase) or G14 purchases without GST. Any Idea what I have done wrong.

<img src=“/uploads/manager1/810/cf2c6e0e36c41451.png” width=“690” height=“150”

You can add in-built tax code called GST Free which you can use in tax column. Then these amounts would be reported under G14.

However, since you are expecting to pay GST on it. I would say this would be non-reportable purchase until you receive a bill to GST.

When you receive GST bill, you would reverse the original purchase by crediting fixed assets and then debiting fixed assets with GST 10% tax code.


Thanks for the response - Doh - Tax codes are used to calculate the BAS form :smile: - Don’t know what I was thinking the about how the BAS form pulled the data. That will be why the amount doesn’t show up- No Tax Code.

Thanks for the suggestion regarding not-reportable purchase I will have a look at that.