Form Defaults overrides permission settings with Bank/Cash accounts

In version 21.6.9, when a cash/bank account is set as the default account for payment or receipt in form defaults, the cash account shows as selected even for restricted users who have not been granted access to use that cash/bank account.

Currently form defaults take precedence over user permissions.

I’m going to leave it that way because I’m not sure user permissions should have ability to restrict users from seeing certain bank accounts or cash accounts at all.

What I’m thinking is eventually replace this with some kind of cash account portal.

I think the portal concept can be leveraged in the future for anything really. For example, users who want to give users access to only single inventory location - there could be inventory location portal. Etc.

This way user permissions have clear boundaries and more specific access types can be solved by these portals.

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I would welcome any workflow which will improve this control feature (such as the portal Idea) but administrators should have the power to restrict users from some bank and cash accounts, even General ledger accounts on a per user basis.

The solution now is for administrators not to put a restricted bank/cash account in Form Defaults settings.